Build your story with MOMENTS, one chapter or idea at a time. Post it to our library and see how the community feels about it. Collaborate with others and create together!


See what other people are currently working on and what they published, get inspiration and find talented writers to connect with. When you have a story to publish we'd love to read it too


Invite your friends and readers to connect through MOMENTS, talk to each other, create discussion groups and build stories together, build connections and start projects

Go to "WRITE" in our main menu and submit a short story or a teaser chapter from your story to present in our library, add a cover and use it to attract readers to your author page and other creations

After connecting with friends and other writers (in COLLABORATE) you can start a private group with a private discussion for sharing tips, ideas and create something together through the DOCS option

Set up a full profile, present your skills and portfolio and let others in the community know what you're good at, make sure to present your author page- this is the place to promote yourself