I have been on the taxi for hour and a half and the meter is already dripping so much. I look outside to see where can I stay up the night and figure things out myself.

My back is sore and my arms have whip bruises and blisters. I am at the back of the taxi with two of my bags looking outside for a good hotel to stay in.

When I saw a big building with a big billboard that says PALLERMO I decided to stop and visit the hotel.

After I paid the taxi I look around to see where I am. I just told the taxi to drive whichever destination he knows.
I can see that I’m in state of Miami right now. So far so good.

My hands are all wet because of sweat as I enter the building. The inside is not that grand but its simply beautiful. There are some minor cracks here and there but not major to worry about.

The chandeliers are elegant but not grand enough to feel someone not welcomed. The light is soft white and the color is black brown and white. This is a nice hotel.

I wonder if the price is nice too.

“Hello ma’am, do you need anything?”
A kind lady from the reception desk asked me with a small kind smile of hers which I return.

“Hello, I’m just.. Um.. Can I know how much is the stay here for the night?”
I asked her while struggling a bit to carry my luggage.

She again smiled at me. “Is it a single room ma’am? It depends on the room, we had grand VIP room, medium room and a simple room.”

“Oh, just the simple room for one please?”

“That would be 15 dollar per night ma’am”

That’s not bad. I can stay for a week here and figure out my next step. Besides I really need to relax right now, my whole body is sore and I don’t want to be caught by him with me lurking around the streets.

Just the thought of him making me shiver. He isn’t even my father anymore.

“I-i would like to check in for a week”

I said wincing a bit when I move my back to get my card ready. Once she gave the keys to me I made my way on the elevator to go to the 4rth floor where my room according to her is located.

I opened the room 206 and the door squeaks a bit like those in the horror movie.

Well that gave me chills.

I slowly entered the room to find a simple room white sofa with a small table in the living room. Decent TV and decent bedroom for one person. The bathroom is nice too.

Speaking of the bathroom I really need a bath right now.

I pull up some pyjamas on my luggage and some baggy shirt that is comfortable to sleep in. I walk inside the bathroom and turn on the water checking it up to the temperature I want.

Hot water cascaded to my back just after I stripped making me wince and gasp in pain.

I forgot the blisters. But I really need to clean it or else it would be infected. So walking backwards again I lean my back towards the hot shower water embracing all the pain it gave to me.

The pain reminds me of the years that I endure being with my father. How he beat and kick me until I passed out. How he pull my hair and drag me to lock on my room when I decide to escape. How he shout that I look exactly like my mother and bangs my head on the wall.

The memories keep rushing back and before I knew it. A sob escaped me. Followed by another one and by a minute later I’m whole crying mess.


After my whole drama fiasco on the shower, I searched for the first aid kit of the room and treat my blisters. Around late night I began to lay down in my bed earning a deep sigh from me.

I can’t believe I’m free now. But I can’t rejoice yet. I need to settle and make sure he doesn’t find me.


“I want to sell that building as soon as possible”
I said to my personal assistant while typing on my laptop taking care of other branch’s problem.

“But sir, that is one of the first building your father bought, he would not be happy on your decision. If you want you can take a look and renovate the hotel building the way you want. ”

I growled at her. Sure she is my dad’s last personal assistant but I can fire her if she talk to me like this.

“Get out! I am not in the mood for this!”

I gestured through the door making her rushing to get out.

I circled my thumbs on my head. Damn this is a stressful day on work. One of the building had a problem on financial supplies and I received some guests complaints that the building isn’t grand enough for them so I decided to sell it.

But dad insist to keep it and just improve it since that’s one of the buildings he bought first to start the business.

I guess I’ll just come to the hotel to check it out then.