I Picked Up A Hitchhiker

I was driving through rural New Jersey when I saw him. A hitchhiker, standing by the side of the road. Surprisingly well-dressed – black suit, slicked-back hair, narrow briefcase. Now, I know I shouldn’t pick up hitchhikers. But I’m 6’ 4”, 230 pounds, with all kinds of hunting equipment in Read more…

By Blair Daniels, ago

Wishful Thinking

His face was set in a deep frown. It was all wrong. He wasn’t supposed to be frowning. It looked so unnatural, and he felt a twinge of- of- something. But it was unpleasant. No matter how much he strained to force up the corners of his mouth, they just Read more…

By Claudia Renee Winters, ago

Alpha Lorenzo

I have been on the taxi for hour and a half and the meter is already dripping so much. I look outside to see where can I stay up the night and figure things out myself. My back is sore and my arms have whip bruises and blisters. I am Read more…

By dhananathaniel12, ago

Lone Wolf

Where to begin…. all my life I have been following the wind, where it’s going to take me next. “Run with the wind, never let anyone hold you down from what you loved” my father told me once before…*coughs* that night. When I had escaped that hellhole I called home Read more…

By grizzlyp30, ago


PART 1 PAN 1.1 Pulling ever so slightly so as not to tear the entire wing from the small fairy’s back, Pan ground his teeth against the shriek of pain that rattled his eardrums. Pushing past the sudden appearance of his small amount of empathy, Pan pulled again, half of Read more…

By McKynzee Pivonka, ago