In Greek mythology, inspiration was attributed to the nine Muses- responsible for inspiration in the fields of arts, literature and science and have been an inspiration to artists since antiquity.

Anyone who’s ever picked up a pen (or a keyboard) and wanted to start writing can probably relate to what could possibly be the biggest pain point for creative people- finding true inspiration.

When you think about the fact that one of the richest cultures in human history not only attributed god-like status to the very concept of inspiration, but also spread these qualities between nine different entities, it makes sense in many ways.
As skilled as an individual may be, as smart or talented- a lack of inspiration could block an artist’s hand from a stroke of a brush and could block a writer from typing in a word.

In modern times we sometimes get the feeling that inspiration shouldn’t be difficult to find, as information and access to humanity’s greatest achievement are literally at the tip of our fingers. You can visit a museum all the way across the world through your phone or even take a virtual reality tour at archeological sites, not to mention the host of books and literature available online for free or for relatively low prices.

However, access to data or information doesn’t necessarily mean a flow of ideas or true inspiration, the same way that finding a tree in the forest doesn’t mean you can start writing or drawing on it like a piece of paper (that would be vandalism) a process needs to take place before.
Data can be thought of as inspiration in it’s raw form, and the same way that a tree would have to go through a specific process in order to become paper, information and data need to go through a process to become inspiration- and it needs us to do it.

Only by connecting with new people, new communities and cultures and sharing ideas and theories with them we can go through the process of taking raw information and develop it into inspiration that we or others around us could work with. When you look back at history, the greatest developments, artistic creations and scientific breakthroughs came from ideas in different forms- from an apple falling on the ground to a social change driving a graffiti artist to speak his mind through art on walls across the world.

When building Moments, we had the vision of bringing ideas and inspiration closer to the people who could work with them, process them and create something amazing together.

Share your ideas, spread your thoughts, get started! Today!

Who knows what could come of them and who could be listening on the other side of the world…

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