We live in an amazing period in history, we could very well be the most fortunate generation that has ever lived. When looking at the progress humanity has made in terms of medical progress and prevention of diseases, technological advancements in space exploration or even issue more down to earth and the fact that there are great minds out there in the world coming up with inventions (almost on a daily basis) that are simply meant to make our lives more comfortable.

We’re the generation that enjoys fast internet (growing up in the 90’s, that’s not something to be taken lightly), Netflix offers us an endless library of movies and TV shows at the tip of our fingers, and even food gathering has become so easy that we don’t even have to pick up the phone and interact with someone in order to get food delivered to our homes.

However, interaction is of course important- and acts as the foundation of society itself. The way we interact and the social dynamics we create during our lives defines not only our day to day actions and emotions, but also the impact we could leave in this world. The best ideas and innovations could come from an interaction as simple as sharing a cup of coffee with a friend or recommending a product to a stranger in the supermarket.

Looking at an industry very close to my heart, I found that unfortunately the most creative minds could sometimes be guilty of not interacting enough and not opening their minds enough when at work- writers. To be honest- who can blame them? Posting something (anything online) these days means that you have now officially relinquished your rights over it and it now belongs to the organism called the internet. Writers write for a living, so posting their creations online could pose the threat of losing something very personal, on which they worked very hard- so the potential of harnessing the online power of the potential “hive mind” available online is sometimes scarier than appealing.

That is until now… after developing the first platform to put writers and creators of any kind in mind and in top priority, I’m proud to say that finally there’s an environment where you can work safely on your creations, protecting them in the process and enjoy the endless opportunities available from a talented audience pitching in their talents and creating with you.


A self-published comic book writer, devoted book lover