Where to begin…. all my life I have been following the wind, where it’s going to take me next. “Run with the wind, never let anyone hold you down from what you loved” my father told me once before…*coughs* that night. When I had escaped that hellhole I called home I thought I was never going to make it on my own. But my dad’s words gave me hope and I know he would have wanted me to fight like him and mom did for me.

A lot has changed since that night, I have been everywhere and glad I never settled down. I’m 19 almost turning 20 in 2 months (august 20, 1998). Being on my own has been fun and had its ups and downs. But now I’m going to Muir woods, to have some me time aka wolf time. I haven’t seen other werewolves since that night. I have joined a pack of wolves a long time ago when I was smaller, they weren’t werewolves but that all I had left from my family. The shadow-dust pack was very close with the wolves because they are apart of us my dad use to say.
When shadow was younger she always played outside with the wolves new pups and grew up with them. The shadow-dust packs were the only known werewolf pack to have a strong contention with wolves. They had said the shadow-dust stood strong with them, as family not pets or slaves.
*End of flashback*
Its been awhile since I seen my wolves and I cant wait to see the new pups. I finished packing and now driving Muir woods national monument; it’s an hour to two-hour drive from the motel I was staying at. I cant wait see Abha and her new pups awwww its been sooo long since I seen her I was maybe like 12 or 14 a long time ago.

I finally made it to the woods without being notice. I make my way through the dirt road until I made a stop by a near river. I get out of my truck and get out my bag and put the keys in there. I start to strip and I place my clothes and shoes in my bag, now I let my wolf take over. My black fur start to appear on my arm and my legs. My body starts to shift to its wolf form. I slowly go down on all fours as my mouth soon turns to a snout. My ears pop out and I can hear everything, the wind blows through my soft black coat and I can hear a rabbit run on the left side of me its about 50 feet away but I don’t have time to hunt. I open my eyes and I see myself on the car door, my golden eyes appear and I see my fathers black fur and my mother’s eyes. I shake off my thoughts and grab my bag with my teeth and make my way to the river.
As I make my way to the river, I smell something in the air…. new…. but familiar, I couldn’t put my finger on it… I kept on walking to river making sure no one saw me. I took one leap and made it over the river
‘wooo it’s been so long since we had some fun’
ayyy relax we are not at the den yet but once we get there you can have your fun
‘yea cant wait, but what was that smell’
just ignore its most likely nothing
‘mm your right’
cutting off the mind-link with my wolf I continue to walk off from the river. I find a near by tree and I look around to see if anyone is following me. I stand on my hind legs and place my bag in the highest branch I can reach. I plop down on 4 again and I run.
I run and run,…. I haven’t run this fast in forever. I can’t stop, I feel Luna my wolf wanting to control
‘please it’s been forever’
ugh fine only for 2 hours
I cut the mind link and let her take over

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