‘Mom! Dad!!’

‘Nathan? K-kaden!!?’

I’m here.. Alone in the darkness that surrounds me. Suffocating. Thespace is suffocating. Where am I? Where’s mom? Where’s dad? Where’s–

‘That’s what you deserve!’
‘You should’ve been the one to die not mom and dad!’

Tilting my head I suddenly saw my brothers, me in a coffin with a glassseparating us.
Realizing where I’m at, I began to struggle. Pounding the glass of thecoffin to escape.

‘You should’ve died!!!’

I wake up with a gasp. Lightheaded I tried to breath in and out deeply to catch my breath. I now noticed the pool of sweat I’m in.
I quickly visit my bathroom for a quick shower knowing that if I don’t hurry up my brother would leave me behind again.

A year has passed since the incident about the rogues happened. A year full of misunderstanding, a year full of abuse, and a year full of torture.

“Isla! Would you hurry up? If not to the Alpha I would gladly leave you by now!” Kade shouted from downstairs. I hurriedly fix my hair which consists of running my dirty hands on it to untangle some strand, and sling my bag to my shoulder as I ran downstairs only to see that my brother already left me.

Well. So much for not being late.

I then decided to run my way to school knowing that I’ll be late either way. While running, millions of thoughts entered my mind.

This day, my birthday is exactly one year since my parents died in the arms of the rogues. I can’t help but think if did I deserve this. When the funeral was held. Many people came to the death of their beta and beta female. The glares that I’ve been receiving is pur torture. It’s like, I shouldn’t be there.

One thing, I should’ve found my mate the day I turned 18, but I didn’t until now. I think its the stress and constant thinking that is dragging me away from him. Or he is not here on our pack.

Arriving the gates of the school I noticed that only few students are on the outside. The bell probably rang. After getting my English book from my locker. I ran to the next building where the English department is held. I opened the door revealing Ms. Summers, distributing some papers.

“So nice of you to come and join us.”


“Just take a seat. I don’t want to waste my time”

All of them are just like that. I’m attending to an all werewolf school. But different packs. We have here at least 3 different packs. Which is a riot. When the future alphas are together. Nothing is expected but a fight. We also have 5 lycanthrope here. Which is very rare.
The race of lycanthrope is more superior than of a werewolf. I don’t know much about their history. I’m just a lowlife werewolf that isn’t allowed to shift since that incident.

The day pass by so quick. I head to lunch rushing because I haven’t eat anything earlier. My focus is on food when I noticed something.

Something that is so good. It smells so heavenly. Like coffee, cinnamon, so manly and woody scent. It’s drawing me near. Food finally forgotten I began to search for the smell.

Tilting my head upwards I breathe in deeply. As I open my eyes. Green pair of eyes settle into mine.

‘Mate!!!! Mate !!!’

My wolf. I can finally feel her! Wait, did she say?

Recognizing the pair of green eyes. I walk towards him.

“J-jacob you’re my, you’re my mate”

I was on cloud nine happiness is all I can feel. I found my mate! And he is the future alpha of our pack. I can survive. He will punish those who bullied me. He will protect me. He will lo–

“What? Have you gone crazy? I’m not your mate you murderer crazy bitch!”

Stepping back I look at him. What did he say? Didn’t he feel the bond? The pull?

“Jacob I know you can feel it. The pull. Jacob I know I’m your mate. You feel it too right? ”

I tried to touch his arm and as our skin touch a spark like electricity flew in my veins making my whole body to feel alive.

“I don’t know what you’re saying, Nathan get your bitch ass of a sister here she’s causing a scene”

Catching my brothers eyes I heavily walk away from my mate. I know he can feel it! Why is he lying!

Walking on the hallway to my last class I felt a hand on my mouth dragging me to the janitors closet.
With the sparks, I automatically knew who.

“You. You shouldn’t have done that lil scene up there huh?”
I can feel his breath on me. He is so close.
“What? I-im your mate !”

“Yes you are so shut up!” He banged me to the wall of the closet. I’m beginning to get dizzy and suffocated.

“Wh-” he interrupted me

“You know the reason why!” Another push “you’re a murderer! You’re crazy! You killed your own parents!! I don’t wanna be with crazy bitch like you! I can definitely find someone better than you.”

“Wh-what do you mean? You can’t reject ! I’m your mate! Do you seriously believe that I killed my parents?!”

Kneeling in front of my mate, Future Alpha Jacob while crying bucket full of tears.

“I can and I will. Everyone says otherwise. They saw you. Heck I saw you!! The evidence is real Isla!”


“I Alpha Jacob Collins reject you Isla Millers as my mate and as my Luna”